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Protect Your Facility

Hunt Enterprises provides outstanding security solutions
for financial institutions. From camera systems to physical
vaults and safes, we’ll help you safeguard your resources.

electronic key door access system

Industry-Leading Security Products

Hunt Enterprises has been in business for over 60 years.
We know the best industry-leading brands of key products:
ATMs, safes and vaults, access control, and more.

Electronic Security System
True Safety
When your facility is safe, everyone will feel it:
both staff and customers. Securing your location
creates a more positive experience for everyone
that comes through the doors.

Expertise & Stability

With over 60 years of experience in the financial industry, Hunt Enterprises knows the “tried and true” solutions. We are also on the forefront using the latest technology has to offer.

Serving Financial Industries

Whether you have 50 locations, or just one, Hunt Enterprises offers both electronic and physical solutions to protect your resources.

Beyond Installation

With ongoing service and yearly preventative maintenance, Hunt Enterprises is invested in your security and banking systems functioning consistently at peak performance.

Secure Your Location Physically

Safeguard both valuables and currency at your financial institution the old fashioned way: behind a heavy, strong door. At Hunt Enterprises, our years of experience have helped us to identify the top manufacturers and brands of quality bank security systems and products:

  • Safes of all sizes, strategically installed in your facility to assure low outsider visibility, but high staff accessibility
  • Class I, II, III, walk-in vaults
  • Cash lockers
  • Safety deposit boxes to safeguard personal documents and belongings of your patrons
  • Drive up units to allow for customer convenience, while not compromising the safety of their transaction

Electronic Security

Protect your branch with the most robust technology in the industry. At Hunt Enterprises, we believe that taking proactive security measures foster a more productive, trusting work environment at your branch. By utilizing electronic security systems, your team takes advantage of the latest in security developments, harnessing capable electronics to help both your staff and your clients.

  • Alarm Systems

    With state of the art intrusion systems utilizing the latest in PIR (Passive Infrared) and microwave technology along with wireless devices, Hunt Enterprises is able to secure any facility or area.

  • Digital Camera Surveillance

    Update your surveillance system to the most efficient digital camera systems on the market, allowing you the best quality of images.

  • Card Access Systems

    Only allow authorized persons to certain areas of your facility, assigning and restricting access as you see fit.

    With secure and effective alarm systems, card access systems, and up-to-date digital camera systems installed, your financial institution staff enjoy peace of mind.

ITMs, ATMs and Cash Recyclers

At Hunt Enterprises, we know that your patrons want both secure transactions, and complete accessibility to their funds. Achieve both of these goals with the revolutionary ITM by NCR. We also carry ATMs and cash recyclers with the appropriate software that keeps them running. Let Hunt Enterprises help you select which models, features, and systems are the best fit for your needs.

Hear It From Our Clients

We have worked with Hunt Enterprises for over a decade and have always appreciated the quality of work they have provided the Credit Union. Hunt Enterprises is professional and reliable and we would proudly recommend them.

Scott W.

I have worked with Hunt for many years. They are quick to respond to any issues and knowledgeable with the equipment. We would recommend them.

Stewart M.

We have had the pleasure of doing business with Hunt Enterprises for at least the last 14 years that I have worked here. They are always courteous when we call with questions or concerns (which doesn’t happen often).

They are always available to send a tech out as soon as possible if we have issues, I think the longest wait time for us was a day or two and that’s only because we called towards the end of the business day. When the techs do come out they are always nice, professional, knowledgeable and easy to get along with.

I personally wouldn’t switch to any other company 🙂

Heather S.

Bank of Utah has had the opportunity to partner with Hunt Enterprises for several years now. Hunt has always been responsive to our needs, and been a true partner. Many companies will come in and just do what you want, while others will try and sell you anything they can imagine. Hunt has always worked with us as a vendor, but even more as a consultant. In the process of working on two frustrating projects Hunt made two simple suggestions. I took a chance on both, and found that the projects went much smoother and removed a majority of my frustration. It is nice to work with a company that will do what I ask and need, but is not afraid to ask questions to see if there is a better way. Hunt has done this for Bank of Utah, which makes Hunt a trusted advisor.

Craig R.

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