3 factors to consider when selecting drive-up equipment for your facility.

How do you find the perfect drive-up equipment for your facility?

Now that we’ve covered the big indicators that it’s time to upgrade your drive-up equipment, it’s time to talk about how you can go about selecting new drive-up equipment for your facility.

Though it may not seem like it, there’s a lot that goes into choosing the drive-up equipment and system that will keep your operations running smoothly and your customers (and employees) happy.

Below are three factors you should consider when selecting new drive-up equipment for your facility:

Factor #1: Transaction volume and type.

How many drive-up transactions does your facility usually handle in a day? What types of transactions do you handle?

Most drive-up equipment manufacturers offer a variety of different commercial units, each suited for a particular volume range and transaction type. For example, some drive-up systems are designed to enable the transacting of paper and boxes of coins, while others are specifically intended to handle high volumes of paper transactions.

Knowing the volume of drive-up transactions and the types of transaction that your customers are performing can go a long way when selecting new drive-up equipment for your facility.

Factor #2: Facility and parking lot layout.

Where is your drive-up equipment currently located? Does it disrupt traffic, or does it allow customers and vehicles to flow freely?

With most financial facilities, the drive-up equipment is located right next to the building. Though this may work well for buildings with larger, independent lots, it is not ideal for some facilities.

Facilities that experience congestion and a lack of flow from having the drive-up unit adjacent to the building can benefit from installing “remote” drive-up units that sit further away from the building. Thanks to advances in drive-up technology, two-way video units can be installed to give the unit a person-to-person feel—helping your customers stay happy and your employees work efficiently as they can accurately identify the customer.

Being conscious of your facility’s building and parking lot layout is key to selecting the proper drive-up equipment for your facility.

Factor #3: Equipment options.

Do you have a specific drive-up equipment brand or manufacturer that you buy from? Or, are you open to other options?

As is the case with most products, there are many drive-up equipment manufacturers who specialize in a variety of units and systems.

Understanding the differences and nuances between manufacturers—and how they will impact your operations—will help you select drive-up equipment that fits your needs.


When it’s time to upgrade your drive-up equipment, don’t fret! Just keep these three factors in mind and you’ll be well on your way to finding drive-up equipment that keeps you and your customers happy.

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